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Shell script – install LAMP with dependencies for PHP/mod_fcgi

This script is intended for fresh Linux installs to provide support for the LAMP stack running with mod_fcgid instead of the default mod_php Apache module. UPDATES: Version 1.1 – August 18 2011 Added apt-get update to refresh package list Added MySQL server Added php5-gd library (to comply with Drupal 7 requirements) Added PDO MySQL driver […]

Custom WordPress Varnish VCL v1

Over the last couple of days I’ve been struggling with getting my dev WordPress environment set up with Varnish (2.1.3) Out of the box with minimal config it provides great speed and hitrate but zero functionality together with the cookie-laden WordPress. So far I have tested a bunch of VCL:s found online but here’s my take […]

Amahi home server

After watching movies on the 13″ for a couple of years I got meself a Samsung. Not the grotesque wallpaper sized one but still pretty ok-large. So how and what do I feed it with? Mini-DVI+the great free media center Plex seemed like a reasonable setup for a while. If you want to chain your […]