Amahi home server

After watching movies on the 13″ for a couple of years I got meself a Samsung. Not the grotesque wallpaper sized one but still pretty ok-large. So how and what do I feed it with? Mini-DVI+the great free media center Plex seemed like a reasonable setup for a while. If you want to chain your laptop to the TV set or using a MacMini, that is.

So I went fishing for a cheap setup for my new (HD-)TV needs. Since I consume at least 10 hours worth of podcasting every week there was a small chance I would run across something useful. And then the FLOSS Weekly guys interviewed the project manager for Amahi Home Server.

Quick look:

  • YES – Home server running on Fedora Linux
  • YES – App-store-ish way of installing applications with one-click (mentioned probaby 100 times in Floss weekly episode 112)
  • YES – Built-in and preconfigured VPN and Samba shares
  • NO – Replacement of Media center or media streamer
    You still need something that connects to your TV or projector. I chose the reasonably priced Western Digital WD TV Live HD.
  • NO – plug-and-play.
    Though this is marketed as a quick and easy solution you still need some basic knowledge not to mention interest in Linux to get it working properly. Example, even if you’ve partitioned or mounted a hard drive in Windows or Mac before it’s still not quite the same with Fedora. That said you get a lot of help with the setup from the excellent installation guide provided by Amahi.

But when I got it running it’s doing just fine. I’ll post some quick terminal guide how-tos of things I had to do in order to mount drives, autologin on boot etc.


  1. Thanks for mentioning (and being inspired by) FLOSS Weekly!

  2. Hey Randal, thanks for dropping by! Keep on inspiring and I’ll keep on downloading :)

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