New project: Phonebooth API

Yesterday my little side project went live. It’s a small but hopefully helpful REST API for developers or projects that need to validate registered users’ phone numbers. It supports both mobile and landline numbers and returns a JSON result. The service currently only supports swedish numbers but more is likely to be added going forward.

The idea is that as soon as a user fills in their number, an asynchronous request could be posted to phonebooth to check whether the number is valid or not. But feel free to use it however you please. It’s free.


  1. Great idea! I’d like to put together something similar to verify US phone numbers upon input, much like validating credit cards with for example. Would you mind sharing your methods?

  2. Hey TJ,
    Regarding US phone numbers, check out Google’s project ‘libphonenumber’ which is hosted on Github. You can quite easily create your own wrapper around their functions. There are also multiple ports to other programming languages if you’re not into C++, JS or Java…

    / Finn

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