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WordPress and jQuery Masonry setup with floating images

The Masonry jQuery plugin is an easy way to stack divs in a nice grid without the usual problem with CSS floats – e.g divs with different heights will not look good beside each other. In a recent project a client wanted WordPress thumbnails stacked in this way. I first added some code to functions.php in order […]

Shell script: create virtual hosts with PHP/fastCGI (mod_fcgi)

UPDATES: Version 1.1 – June 20 2011 Added  “FcgidMaxRequestLen 1000000000” to virtual host settings in order to get the WordPress Flash based image uploader to work. The default value in fcgid caused it to throw a “HTTP Error” when crunching the images. Commented out the Apache directive “ServerAlias” which in previous version defaulted to *.example.com. […]

Webmin – Hetzner VPS Debian 6 LAMP + fastcgi + php5 + apache

This tutorial applies to servers preconfigured with LAMP (Debian 6, Apache 2, Mysql 5, PHP 5.2). If the LAMP stack is not installed, it’s pretty straightforward to install the respective components via apt-get install. Since the image I’m using has Webmin preinstalled I use it to quickly get started.