Adobe Photoshop Express – cloudy today?

Everything should be in the cloud right? When Adobe recently launched Adobe Photoshop Express, a slimmed down version of PS for the web I felt a wee bit skeptical. The notion of online media editing isn’t exactly new and fresh in 2008, but let me tell you what’s nice:

API skillz.

Support for editing and exporting photos and video to social networks and photo sharing sites is found in iPhoto (Facebook, Picasa etc – only by 3rd party though). The thing with PS Express is that you’re allowed to import your external pics from within the web app. After finishing them up with a basic set of tools much like those found in iPhoto or Picasa you simply send them back to your site of choice. As of today Facebook, Photobucket and Picasa Web album is supported. Flickr should be there soon as well.

Annoyance warning: PS Express puts a caption on its own on all photos you upload back to Facebook. Meh.


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